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Why Use Natural Oils For Facial Care During the Winter Months?

Posted by Administrator on 12/10/2014 to News
Winter can be harsh on skin; natural oils come to the rescue! During the winter months skin dries out fast as the temperature & humidity plummets, and dry skin is irritated skin. 

Natural oils can be far better than creams for face because when skin is in distress you need to replenish the natural moisture in your skin and help protect it without irritating it further. Natural oils soothe and moisturize without unnecessary ingredients. Creams are emulsions typically made with water that then requires stabilizers and preservatives, that can be irritating to skin. In my opinion those ingredients are not necessary and are in fact unwanted any time of year! That’s where natural oils come to the rescue. Essential fatty acids are critical to skin health, they help provide the mantle that protects our skin . They are called ‘essential’ because our body does not manufacture them, they are critical to our health inside & out and we must get them from other sources, i.e. natural oils. In addition to helping to moisturize and protect skin oils are great for skin because also act as a carrier to allow active ingredients to penetrate skin more deeply. 

Natural Oils are best used just after cleansing; a gentle exfoliation helps them penetrate more readily. The best oils for skin are seed oils, like grape seed, hazelnut, avocado, rosehip, coconut & tamanu. These oils penetrate quickly without leaving a shine and are high in vital nutrients. Unrefined oils are best as refined oils can have unwanted byproducts from the refining and bleaching process as well as having their nutrients stripped. Of course, I prefer organic and wild crafted oils!

Winter months can leave your skin dry and irritated, take care of your skin with natural oils!

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