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Meet The Maker

I come to skin care from a personal need for products that I could use, I have extremely sensitive skin, and though I have not been officially diagnosed, also multiple chemical sensitivity.  Though I must admit I am both an unlikely candidate and a totally natural candidate for the beauty business. You see, I have always been more of a tomboy, a roll up your sleeves kind of gal!  I would rather walk through the woods or on a beach for my 'day of beauty' than spend a day in a spa.  But even a tomboy wants skin that feels and looks good.  I also want to avoid toxic substances in my skin care products.  I think we all do!  Because of who I am I have no time for products that look pretty or smell pretty but are ineffective. I want skin products that just plain work!  But even though I might be a bit of a tomboy I truly enjoy the finer things in life, and am a bit of a foodie. It's good to enjoy life! There are simple indulgences that make life just plain good.  You'll see this side of me in balms like Hot Chocolate Balm. mmmmm 

I have always been fascinated with how things are made, I remember in Grade School even learning to make tomato soup from scratch because I loved it and I wanted to know how it was made! So for me, learning how to make my own skin care products was natural. After decades working in the corporate world as my second career I studied to become an AADP Certified Holistic Health Coach because it was a long time interest of mine, and  I decided I wanted to do something real and I realized that health is one of the most basic, real things there is. Then I followed my passion further and opened Alki Organix - Truly Natural Skin Care In Partnership with Nature.

My personal experience in using more natural approaches, lifestyle and diet was that I felt good getting better and felt healthier overall.  One of my persistent issues, though, was with severe contact dermatitis and I was tired of constantly having to use medications for it. Because my skin is extremely sensitive I learned that for healthy skin I had to avoid ALL commercially available skin care products. Avoid the irritant, don't have the irritation! But I still needed to take care of my skin so I learned about natural methods for skin care, and then how to formulate products for my own personal use.

My slogan is Truly Natural Products In Partnership With Nature – because I believe strongly that a holistic approach (mind/body/spirit) is best rather than trying to dissect and dominate nature.  My approach to formulation is to take advantage of the natural ingredients properties for skin benefit and use a whole food approach to formulation rather than use ingredients that attempt to isolate a compound for a specific effect.  Because I want products that 'just work' every ingredient regardless of its function within the formula must be natural have benefit to skin health. I believe there is much we do not understand about the complexities and synergies in nature. So rather than dominate it is better to partner with nature!

So Alki Organix is my own personal mind-body-spirit endeavor and you have my promise on Alki Organix products being truly natural. You won’t find any product in my line that I wouldn’t use!

Here’s to our health!

Shirley Makela

AADP Certified Holistic Health Coach

Owner/Artisan - Alki Organix

Welcome to ALKI ORGANIX!  I started researching and making my own skin care products because I have extremely sensitive skin, and there was nothing on the market I could use. What I made worked so well I decided to open my business.  Before I started Alki Organix I thought I was the only person with extremely sensitive skin.  Now I am constantly amazed at how many people I talk to who have stories just like mine!  

Alki Organix is made with uncompromising quality based on organic and wildcrafted whole natural ingredients, and the incredibly effective skincare of certified bio-active Manuka Honey Alki Organix is made in the beautiful Skagit Valley in Washington state in small batches and all products are made without water, so they are pure SUPER CONCENTRATED skin care and toxic and irritating preservatives are avoided.

ALKI ORGANIX Manuka Honey Facial, and Honey & Roses Facial are favorites; these natural cleansers and moisturizers for face based on bio-certified Manuka Honey that gently exfoliates leaving skin soft and radiant. Honey & Roses adds the extra care of Rosehip oil for truly radiant and healthy skin, Honey & Avocado Facial includes organic Avocado oil for extra care of sensitive skin and extra collagen support.

ALKI ORGANIX also features balms (think super concentrated lotion!) for hands and body made with Manuka Honey, in Original, Lavender, Orange and Chamomile. Plus specialty balms like my best selling Gardening Hands made for hard working hands that need extra care. Gardening Hands Balm just handles extra dry skin!  Also try Manuka Lip Balm, lip balms made with natural beeswax, organic oils and Manuka Honey!

Truly Natural Skin Care in Partnership with Nature
La Conner, WA  98257
Here's to Our Health!
Shirley Makela, AADP INHC