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Manuka Honey Facial - Cleanser/Moisturizer Combo

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Manuka Honey Facial - Cleanser/Moisturizer Combo
Manuka Honey Facial
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2 fl oz Manuka Honey Facial [+$22.94]
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Cleanse - Exfoliate, Moisturize, Tone & Brighten Your Complexion In One Easy Step

Honey is a natural & gentle deep cleanser & exfoliator, Coconut oil tones and moisturizes. The combination of a certified highly biologically active Manuka Honey and Virgin Unrefined Organic Coconut Oil is a small miracle, and I donít say this lightly! Iíve known about honeyís incredible properties for skin for years and have used it with wonderful success to moisturize and deeply cleanse skin, but it is a bit of a sticky mess when used straight from the jar. 

 Then I discovered Manuka Honey with high and certified bio-activity levels - it was even more fantastic, but when combined with organic Coconut oil it is incredible!  Not only is it easy to use, but I was blown away by the results when I first tried it, and so is everyone!   I even tested it on my husbandís oily skin Ė he was reluctant Ė then amazed at how clean and fresh and smooth his skin was after his shower. He wants to keep using it! Certainly I will never be without it again!

How does it work? Honey attracts and absorbs impurities from skinís pores and lifts dead skin cells from the surface. Honey is great for all skin types, even for acne for this reason, and it especially fantastic for mature skin. Raw honey contains gluconic acid, a mild alpha hydroxy acid that gently exfoliates, brightens and evens out skin tone & makes skin more elastic. It also helps balance skinís pH and is anti-inflammatory for irritated skin. 

 Manuka Honey, from the flower of the Manuka or Tea Tree Bush in New Zealand contains unique properties that make it an amazing "superfood" for skin. Dr. Peter Molan at the Waikato University in New Zealand first identified its unique bio-activity. But not all Manuka Honey is equal, there are lesser Manuka Honeys on the market, a certified rating backed with a number and scientific research is key. Originally I thought UMF was best, but my further research showed there several excellent rating systems also backed by science. These include: The Molan Gold Standard - backed by The Waikato University , UMF, MGO, TAA, NPA, OMA etc. Alki Organix uses only Manuka Honey with certified high bio-activity levels from the most reliable sources. 

Coconut oil is another incredibly effective cleanser and moisturizer. Although it is solid and room temperature it melts readily at skin temperature and has a small molecular structure allowing it to absorb easily carrying with it its nutrients and antioxidants to feed and nourish skin. Coconut oil is recommended for just about every skin type, even troubled skin.

Combine a certified therapeutic level Manuka Honey with Virgin unrefined organic Coconut oil and you have a little miracle in a jar!

For extra care finish with a Delicious Skin Serum suited to your skin type, or with Tamanu Nut Oil!

o Certified 80% Organic Ingredients
o Certified Bio-Active Manuka Honey is a natural & gentle deep cleanser & exfoliator
o Virgin Coconut oil tones and moisturizes
o Incredible for all skin including troubled skin & mature skin
o It's like getting a fresh new face almost instantly!

* Certified Organic Cocos nucifera (Virgin Unrefined Coconut Oil), Leptospermum scoparium mel  (Raw Un-pasteurized, Certified Bio-Active  Manuka Honey)

* Certified Organic ** Wildcrafted

Customer Reviews
Rating Want to look younger?
I use Manuka Honey Facial every day. From the very first time I tried it my skin said, "more please!" This is the only product I use. It cleans, tones, exfoliates and moisturizes all in one easy step and no one believes how old I am when I tell them.
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Reviewed by:  from Des Moines, WA. - 12/22/2015
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