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Focus on Natural Skin Care Ingredients: Honey!

Posted by Shirley Makela, AADP INHC on 1/5/2015 to News
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Manuka honey in a glass jar with manuka tree flowers and honeycomb on a wooden background.

Focus on Natural Skin Care Ingredients: Honey! 

Anyone who knows me knows I am totally addicted to honey for skin care, especially for facial care. The older I get the more I appreciate it! I've been using it for years with results that kept me coming back and back. When combined with the right types of oil it is simply amazing for cleansing/ dissolving makeup and unclogging pores while gently exfoliating. It leaves skin incredibly smooth and glowing!

Honey is also a natural moisturizer that attracts and helps skin retain moisture. Because a little bit remains in your pores used regularly it helps to continuously rebuild moisture levels in skin, this is particularly useful during winter months and why itís often used for anti-aging formulas. Another bonus: itís also incredibly gentle and helps soothe skin irritations and blemishes (also wonderful during colder months). 

Honey is antibacterial, and has an enzyme called glucose oxidase, when this is combined with water it creates hydrogen peroxide. Honey also contains natural alpha-hydroxy acids that exfoliate gently and effectively, and it works quickly without the need to add abrasives that can irritate or damage skin. It is rich in anti-oxidants as well that further nourish skin and can help slow down the aging process. 

Manuka Honey is all this and more. Made by bees pollinating the Tea Tree bushes it is considered a medicinal honey. All raw honey is anti-bacterial, but Manuka is rated among the highest because the additional anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties of Tea Tree are incorporated. Manuka honey is rated for various levels of bio-activity. I admit I was skeptical at first. Iíd been using and loving raw honey for years for my skin and loving it, but after I tried it I was convinced. It was hands down the most wonderful honey Iíd ever used. I could see and feel the difference immediately. This is why itís the key ingredient in Alki Organix daily cleanser/moisturizers: Manuka Honey Facial and Honey & Roses Facial, and Sweet Honey balms for hands & body. Itís effectiveness is why these are hands down my best sellers with customers returning for more.

If you havenít tried honey for your face, give it a try. I predict you will never go back to your old routine once you have!


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