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Focus on Natural Oils for Skin: Grape Seed Oil!

Posted by Shirley Makela, AADP INHC on 12/22/2014 to News

Focus on Natural Oils for Skin: Grape Seed Oil!

Grape Seed is a moisturizing and gentle oil incredibly rich in antioxidants.  It is also absorbed very easily including by skin types that donít typically absorb oils easily Ėitís highly moisturizing and considered one of the most non-allergenic.  I've tested many oils, grape seed is one of my favorites for many reasons.

Rich in the flavonoid oligomeric procyanidin, an antioxidant that is said to be 50 times more powerful than vitamins C & E and linoleic acid, an essential fatty acid that is important for cell health; it soaks into your skin quickly for deep moisturizing and doesn't leave an oily film on your skin as some oils do.  It is also considered an astringent oil in that it also helps tighten & strengthen skin.  For this reason I include wild crafted Grape Seed oil in many Alki Organix products.  Itís truly fabulous, I love it!

Nature provides us so many wonderful oils that are excellent for our health, and the health of our skin.  Seed oils are considered among the healthiest. One of these wonderful oils for skin is Grape Seed

Which oils do you love?

Here's To Our Health!

Shirley Makela, AADP INHC


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Photo credit: © Dream7904 | - Jugful With Grape Seed Oil Photo

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