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About Alki Organix

- Meet The Maker
Alki Organix

Thank you for visiting the Alki Organix store!

Just what is natural skin care?  

We see marketing for ‘natural’ or ‘organic ingredients’ used rather freely these days because corporations have learned that it’s something we consider important – but unfortunately there is little oversight for the use of this term.  Some skin care products boasting that they are natural can actually have very few ingredients that I would consider ‘natural’.  

Why is natural better?  I believe our world and our personal care products have become inundated with toxic chemicals, and many question their impact on our overall health, as do I.  I began making these products for my own use, and learned in working with clients that many of them had the same issues with skin care products that I had.  So I formed Alki Organix.

Personal Guarantee

You have my personal guarantee that Alki Organix products are formulated using truly natural ingredients with certified organic oils when available but always cold or expeller pressed. I am also a strong proponent of honey for skin care, it works so incredibly well, so all Alki Organix balms include honey.  Manuka Honey is one of my favorite ingredients because it works like no other honey that I’ve tried, your find it in my Sweet Honey balm line as well as in my Manuka Honey Facial.

Ingredient Selection

Alki Organix ingredients are selected for traditional use, documentation for natural skin care and personally tested by me for efficacy. Alki Organix products come in smaller bottles than you might be accustomed to. They are super concentrated because they are made without water.  As I researched lotion formulation I learned that once water is included harsh preservatives are required. So, no water!  Just a super concentrated incredibly effective skin care product from Alki Organix. The only reason you can purchase that large bottle of lotion for so little is because it’s mostly water!  My personal slogan is that water is indeed good for skin, but best applied from the inside out – so drink plenty of it!

Concentrated Natural Skin Care

I say “A Little Goes A Long Way” with Alki Organix product because they are concentrated.  They are formulated to glide on easily, and using more is not necessarly better, so each bottle of balm, for example, comes with a foundation pump rather than a lotion pump so that you can control application better.

Holistic Skin Care

But skin health is also from the inside out; our skin is our largest organ, what we feed our skin we feed our body and what we feed our body we feed our skin! No matter how many products we use on our skin to improve it if our diet is lacking it shows on our skin! So in my NEWSLETTER I offer tips and information on healthy eating for skin health.  We want to eat foods that increase cell health which results in healthy skin.  But our environment also takes a toll, and we can’t always control that.  So, healthy diet is critical, but so is how we take care of our skin.

Customer Service

I am also a strong proponent of great customer service – so you also have my guarantee that utmost care will be taken with your order, and if you have any questions you need only contact me!

Thank you again! I know you will love Alki Organix products!

Welcome to ALKI ORGANIX!  I started researching and making my own skin care products because I have extremely sensitive skin, and there was nothing on the market I could use. What I made worked so well I decided to open my business.  Before I started Alki Organix I thought I was the only person with extremely sensitive skin.  Now I am constantly amazed at how many people I talk to who have stories just like mine!  

Alki Organix is made with uncompromising quality based on organic and wildcrafted whole natural ingredients, and the incredibly effective skincare of certified bio-active Manuka Honey Alki Organix is made in the beautiful Skagit Valley in Washington state in small batches and all products are made without water, so they are pure SUPER CONCENTRATED skin care and toxic and irritating preservatives are avoided.

ALKI ORGANIX Manuka Honey Facial, and Honey & Roses Facial are favorites; these natural cleansers and moisturizers for face based on bio-certified Manuka Honey that gently exfoliates leaving skin soft and radiant. Honey & Roses adds the extra care of Rosehip oil for truly radiant and healthy skin, Honey & Avocado Facial includes organic Avocado oil for extra care of sensitive skin and extra collagen support.

ALKI ORGANIX also features balms (think super concentrated lotion!) for hands and body made with Manuka Honey, in Original, Lavender, Orange and Chamomile. Plus specialty balms like my best selling Gardening Hands made for hard working hands that need extra care. Gardening Hands Balm just handles extra dry skin!  Also try Manuka Lip Balm, lip balms made with natural beeswax, organic oils and Manuka Honey!

Truly Natural Skin Care in Partnership with Nature
La Conner, WA  98257
Here's to Our Health!
Shirley Makela, AADP INHC